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Airport Towing / Burien Towing / Columbia Towing

Rules & Regulations for Vehicle Auction & Preview

1. Preview is between 8:00am and 11:00am the day of the auction. Bidding ends at 12:00pm. Everyone entering the auction lot must sign in on the preview sheet.


2. All bidders must sign in and get a bidder number; before entering yard and bidding on vehicles. If you do not have your bid number in your hand, you will not be allowed in the auction yard.


3. All bidders are required to leave a $100.00 CASH DEPOSIT and their VALID DRIVER'S LICENSE to receive a bid number. ID cards are not accepted. Bidders must be 18 years or older.


4. PERMANENT BIDDERS (Currently Licensed Auto Wreckers and Dealers): Anyone bidding for an auto wrecker or dealer must be listed as an authorized agent. Photo Identification is required and will be kept on file. Licenses will be reviewed at the first of each year.


5. Bidders may have no more than two guests with them, including minors. Guests will be listed under the bidders’ number. Guests are the responsibility of the bidder. Guests over 18 years of age must sign in on the guest sign in sheet.


6. NO CHILDREN UNDER 12 YEARS OF AGE ARE ALLOWED IN THE AUCTION LOT AT ANY TIME. Children 12 years or older must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


7. At the close of the auction all bidders and guests must proceed to the on-site office for payment. PAYMENT IS REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING THE AUCTION, but may be made after the purchase of a vehicle, prior to the end of the auction. Staff will be on site to collect payment for ONE HOUR following the close of the auction, at which point any successful bidders who have not paid are in default. Bidders who default on a vehicle lose the $100 deposit and will not be allowed to attend future auctions.


8. All auctions are CASH ONLY. Credit Card deposits are required. Auction vehicles are sold AS IS. There is no warranty expressed or implied. No trash or objects may be removed from any vehicle and left in the auction yard. Anything inside a vehicle prior to the auction must leave the yard in the same vehicle.


9. The gate will be open to remove vehicles following the auction until 5:00pm on the day of the auction. Vehicles not completely removed from the property by Friday night at 5:00pm will be charged daily storage. Vehicles removed from the auction lot that remain on private or city property will be subject to impound.

10. DO NOT LEAVE VEHICLES PARKED ON THE SHOULDER OF THE ROAD. The local authority will have them impounded.




12. If a vehicle has keys, they may be checked-out at the on-site office. A drivers license is required and will be held until the keys are returned. This privilege may be revoked at any time.



13. No bidder may exceed a max counter bid greater than $500.

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