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Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQ)

How do I set up a tow or a commercial account?

Call the main office during business hours for pricing, availability, or other information at 206-243-6252.

When is your next auction?

Our auctions are every 3rd Friday at 11:00am unless otherwise posted. Vehicle preview begins at 8am. For more information visit our auction page.

Where are you located?

We are in Burien, Washington just West of Seatac Airport. Visit our contact page for a map to our office or more information.

Did you impound my vehicle?

Did you impound my vehicle?

Call your local police agency or 911 to report your vehicle missing or stolen. All impounded vehicles are immediately reported to the police. If the vehicle was impounded, call the corresponding company to arrange for the vehicle’s release.

What do I need to claim a car from impound?

1. The vehicle owner must have valid photo I.D. issued by a government agency.

2. A licensed driver must be present to drive the vehicle off the property.

3. Proof of ownership, which includes any of the following:
■ Title w/name matching Valid Photo I.D.
■ Current Vehicle Registration w/name matching Valid Photo I.D.

Affidavit of Lost Title /Release of Interest
Signed off title and notarized Bill of Sale
Notarized document issued by the registered owner for a specific person

We can also release vehicles to registered towing companies, insurance companies, police agencies, and repossession companies with valid paperwork..

What are your prices?

Rates for service depend on the individual situation and type of service performed. Call 206-243-6252 for 24 hour pricing information on towing services or impounds.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, & Discover only. For vehicle redemption from impound the card holder MUST be present with Valid picture ID. No payments over the phone.

Do you accept insurance?

We work with most insurance companies & auto clubs / motor clubs. Call 206-243-6252 for more information.

Is Airport Towing a bonded company?

Are you currently hiring?

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We meet all Washington State certifications.

We are always looking for great people! Call 206-243-6252 or inquire at our main office.

How do I get Tow Signs Posted?

We have signs available FREE of charge. Signs can be posted by us as well. Please call 206-243-6252 for more details and to setup an appointment today!

Removing unwanted vehicles?

Airport Towing will take unwanted junk cars WITH TITLE free of charge(barring certain circumstances & at our discretion). For vehicles without TITLE (I.E. Abandonded) please call 206-243-6252

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