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Job Requirements-The Applicant Must:
     • Possess and present a valid Washington State Driver’s License at the time of the application
     • Be at least 23 years of age
     • Possess a high school diploma or GED
     • Possess a social security card
     • Be a United States Citizen or have an alien registration card
     • Have not been convicted of a felony
     • Present a driving abstract for the last five (5) years at the time of application


The Following is required for all applicants
       Above average driving record
       No DWI, DUI, or Reckless driving within four (4) years
       Not more than one (1) DWLS convictions in the past four (4) years
       No more than one (1) moving violation within the past one (1) years and no more than three              (3) within the past three (3) years
   • Have the ability to work independently, multitask, and problem solve
   • Be able to lift 85 pounds (lbs) to a height of four (4) feet
   • Be able to read and understand local area maps, and possess a mechanical aptitude
   • Be dependable, trainable, and willing to work long days, nights, and weekends on call, after             hours, and in bad weather
   • Have the ability to drive a five or even speed manual shift truck

Upon hire the following is required of each driver:
   • Complete invoices neatly and accurately
   • Perform minor vehicle maintenance as required
   • Operate tow trucks safely and keep them neat and clean
   • Release vehicles according to company policy and applicable statutes
   • Maintain professionalism and courtesy when dealing with customers, clients, and law                       enforcement
   • Respond to all calls within ten (10) minutes when “on call"
   • Perform all tasks for the company as requested by ownership and management

**Please Note:
     Absolutely no alcohol or drugs are permitted while on shift or on call. All employees agree upon       hire that the use of a controlled substance must be prescribed by a doctor and must be                     presented in writing to Storer Enterprises Inc. Failure to follow rules regarding drugs and                   alcohol will result in immediate discharge.

Storer Enterprises Inc. is a 24 hour company and must have drivers available at all times to respond to police calls, private calls, and other types of services. All drivers work a set 40 hour schedule during the week. In addition to the set hours, drivers rotate “on call” to cover nights, weekends, and holidays. An "on call" driver may live in the area and take a truck home during "on call" shifts. If the driver does not live in the area, then he/she may sleep at the office and remain in the area during the "on call" shifts. The office contains a full bedroom, bathroom and kitchen that may be used by the drivers who live out of the area. All the "on call" work will be paid out at time and a half, provided that the driver has worked 40 hours during the week or pay period

In the space below, please indicate which days you are available or unavailable to work by checking all boxes that apply:

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