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1979 FORD


This was one of the tow trucks at the 1979 Indianapolis 500 and is appropriately painted “Official Wrecker, 63rd Annual Indianapolis 500 Mile Race May 27, 1979″  in original black & orange paint. The owner of Seattle’s Nelson Truck and an employee flew to the race and returned with four matching trucks. Two of the trucks were towed back and the other two were driven.

Upon return Lincoln Towing bought three of the trucks and had them immediately painted with their own green paint scheme. Pat from Seventh Avenue Service in Seattle bought the fourth truck used from Nelson. He left the truck as original. Storer Enterprises purchased the towtruck in October 2001 and has kept the wrecker in original condition, preserving its history as a race day survivor and fully functional wrecker in original condition.


Fun fact: Did you know? We also operate under the name "Seatac Towing"  which was founded in 1979 making the year of this Indy Wrecker especially significant to our company history.


To read more about the 1979 Indianapolis 500 on Wikipedia, click here.

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